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    Backflow Testing

    When contaminated/drainage/sewerage water flows in the opposite direction and mixes with clean water, the process is called backflow. What is even more disturbing is that backflowing can occur at any joint or connection between the two pipelines. This backflow is usually a result of a considerable and sudden change in water pressure. For instant, a burst pipeline or a blocked exit, can all cause a serious backflow. To prevent backflow from occurring, regular backflow testing has to be carried out.

    Why Backflow prevention is important?

    Backflow can mix clean water with dirty water. The former can include sewerage water. Just imagine the implication of such a mixing of clean drinking water and wastewater. Contaminated water can result in numerous diseases and even outbreaks of pandemics, therefore, backflow prevention is extremely important at every installation whether residential, commercial, or industrial.


      How to prevent backflow?

      Safety devices are installed for preventing backflowing. These devices operate in case there is a dramatic and unexpected rise or fall in pressure.

      Backflow preventers have to be installed properly to ensure that they stop backflow to clean water lines to prevent contamination. These backflow preventers are tested and checked by government regulations. A landlord or property owner can be fined if backflow preventers are not operating properly. Our expert plumbers can provide you with regular Backflow testing and installation so that you do not run into any legal trouble. Prevention and testing are necessary steps required for condominiums, apartments, restaurants, and other places. Furthermore, backflow testing has to be performed annually on all premises to ensure compliance with municipal regulations.

      Our Process Flow

      Book a test:

      Remember to contact a licensed plumbing company when you receive the intimation for conducting backflow testing. You will receive this typically one month before the test is due. Contact us and we will send our representative to your site right away.

      Get a free quote:

      Our plumbers will provide you with a free quote for backflow testing and installation. Whether you require a new installation or the annual testing, you can request a free quote from us which we shall provide you in the shortest possible time

      Preliminary work:

      If you accept our quote, our licensed plumbers will begin their work. They will shut off the main water supply. In case the line also supplies water to a fire line, permission will first be fought from the relevant authorities.

      The testing:

      The testing includes using relief and gate valves to see the impact on backflow preventers. Our plumbers will shut off the valves and check the gauge movements, water leakages, or other signs. If no issue is found our plumbers will prepare their report. If however, repair or replacement services are required, our team will provide them right away. In normal circumstances, the entire testing process will not take more than 30 minutes. Once the testing is complete, our plumbers will resubmit the testing form to the respective municipality.

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      Why Hire Us?

      Licensed Plumbers

      Our plumbers are licensed to provide backflow installation and testing. We have completed numerous such projects in accordance with municipal regulations and to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Our plumbers are highly qualified and experienced. They are trained to use the most modern tools and equipment for providing you with effective and reliable plumbing services. We provide and install the most reliable devices for backflow prevention.

      Affordable Services

      We have priced our backflow testing and installation services to be highly affordable for all our customers. In case the testing reveals that no repair or replacement services are required, you will be charged a nominal fee for the inspection. If repair or replacement services are required, your total cost will depend on the type of repair or replacement of the backflow preventers.

      Contact Us

      Contact us on our registered number and talk to our representative in detail regarding our services for backflow testing or installation of backflow preventers. You can request a free quote online by filling out our online form or request a free site visit. Once you hire us for annual backflow testing, we will provide the services right away. You can also get in touch with us online.