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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of our most asked questions. Just click to read our answers or, if you need to know anything else, then just get in touch and we’ll come straight back to you.

    Why Should I Use NM Plumbing & Gas Services?

    NM Plumbing & Gas services is a professional plumbing company and have been trading since 2005 and are registered with Gas Safe (formally known as Corgi). Our registration number is 303580. Our engineer is fully qualified in their respective discipline and can demonstrate at least three years’ experience in their industry. All our work is guaranteed offering you peace of mind whatever the job and respect your property as if it were our own.

    NM Services have many letters of recommendation from past and existing clients. You are welcome to view these letters. NM Services also carry £2 million of public liability insurance and are fully insured for both injury to persons or accidental/consequential damage to property.

    Will I Need To Move Out?

    No, we are experienced in working in our clients homes, the vast majority of jobs can be completed with the minimum of impact on your home and life. Whenever we carry out any new installation we always ensure you are inconvenienced as little as possible. We leave your water, heating and hot water available for as long as possible. Your house is your home, not our workshop. We understand that life must go on however big the job so we do everything in our power to minimise the impact of our work on your day to day living.

    Will I Need To Move My Furniture?

    Yes, for our own piece of mind and our engineer’s safety, furniture may need to be moved in order for our engineers to carry out any work.

    Will I Need To Take Up My Carpets?

    No. You will not need to do anything. NM Plumbing & Gas Services will take up any carpets and relay them for you.

    How Many Engineers Will I Need?

    That depends on the size of the job but usually it is 2 people for a very large job (no one wants lots of workmen trampling through their house) but most of the times 1 engineer is enough. If you require more engineers for a quicker turnaround, this can be arranged at your discretion.

    How Long Does It Take To Install A Central Heating/Hot Water System?

    This depends on the size of property and the type of installation required. A three-bedroom house usually takes around 5 days. We keep your heating and water on as long as possible for you (especially in winter) and do all the preparatory work before switching over. You will usually only be without heating and hot water for a few hours. Many companies switch your supply off straight away to make it easier for them and reduce their costs but our technician will minimise the disruption as far as possible.

    Do You ‘Make Good’?

    Yes. Our engineer will brick up holes, plaster etc. Details of making good will be outlined in the quote. If you need a specialist such as a tiler or an electrician, we can source one for you. Our engineer will also minimise damage to your property by using the most advanced equipment available.

    For example, NM Services use commercial diamond-tipped drills so that when when drilling a 20mm hole you get a clean hole with no making good necessary. If we need to lift and replace floorboards, then special equipment for cutting the tongue and groove is used, thus eliminating board damage. The boards are then screwed back into place to avoid squeaking!

    Will I Need To Re-Decorate?

    No. NM Services use all the right equipment to minimise any damage – diamond core drill bits etc. If there is likely to be any damage to your decoration, our technician will ensure you are made aware beforehand. NM Services pride ourselves on leaving our customers’ property as we find it.

    Can You Just Supply A New Boiler Or Radiator?

    Yes. NM Services can supply almost any make of boiler or radiator and we will help you decide which product best suits your needs.

    Will You Maintain My New System?

    Yes, NM Services are able to maintain any system and are happy to maintain any existing system once our engineer has checked it out!

    What Warranty Do You Offer?

    Repairs and Maintenance – 12 months

    Heating and Water Systems – 2 years

    Boilers – 2 to 5 years depending on the manufacturer

    Installations are guaranteed for 2 years

    I Already Have A Heating System Supplied By Another Company. Will You Look After It?

    Yes, however, our engineer may need to check it is safe and correctly installed before offering any maintenance package.

    Do I Need To Be In When You Carry Out The Work?

    No, you don’t. NM Services are happy to carry out any work while you are out.

    Can I Choose The Products You Install?

    Yes, we do. All our staff are employees of NM Plumbing & Gas services. We never use agency or temporary staff. If we need to subcontract any specialised trades, we will only use experienced and qualified professionals who we have worked with before. For example, if we need to use an electrician, we will only use NIC/IEC electricians qualified to Part P of the Building Regulations Act.

    What Area Do You Cover?

    NM Services cover the majority of Yorkshire and 20 mile radius of Wakefield. This allows us to provide the high standard of service that the local community expects.

    How Often Should I Get My Boiler Serviced?

    Most boilers need a service once a year in order to maintain both efficiency and safety. Even if you have a brand new boiler, it will need to be serviced every year. Servicing is even more important if it is a condensing boiler because they have “condensate traps” that need cleaning out once a year.

    My Boiler Is Old, Can You Fix It?

    Our engineer will always do their utmost to repair any boiler as long as it is safe to do so and the parts are available. NM Services would never put your safety at risk by repairing a boiler that is past its useful life.