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    Emergency Boiler Repair

    Can You Avoid Emergency Boiler Repair Services?

    A boiler is a complex appliance with complicated wiring and connections. Boiler servicing is crucial for the safety of your boiler and household. A layperson experimenting with a boiler can do more harm than good – to the boiler or themselves. It is essential to hire a professional for the repair, replacement, or installation.

    Just like a car requires regular servicing, your boiler needs regular check-ups too. Yes, you can avoid emergencies by getting your boiler checked regularly. Below are some significant reasons your boiler needs servicing:

    • Servicing before the boiler breakdown saves you all repairs and replacement charges.
    • It protects you from any threatening situation, such as a gas leak in a broken boiler.
    • A boiler in its prime will work most efficiently and not need much energy to provide the same amount of heat or warm water, minimising cost.
    • A landlord is legally bound to get boilers in rented or commercial properties serviced annually and receive a CP12 certificate – a gas safety certificate.
    • Availing of promotional codes offered by boiler cover providers during summer keeps you from experiencing unseemly surprises the following winter.


      Symptoms Suggesting a Need for a Boiler Breakdown Repair

      However, sometimes you may experience certain occurrences that imply you need a qualified boiler engineer to take a look, even if does not need an emergency heating engineer's services:

      • The water is hot, but there is no heating
      • There is heating but no hot water in the tap
      • There is neither hot water nor heating
      • There is a boiler leakage
      • The boiler produces strange noises
      • The boiler does not ignite
      • The boiler either turns off very soon or keeps turning off

      For any issues above, you should call a Gas Safe engineer to examine your boiler and prevent further damage. Delaying the process otherwise might need a complete replacement.

      Emergency Boiler Repair Cost

      The emergency boiler repair cost depends on how severe the problem is. Your boiler has most likely stopped working because of some defective part that might need either repairing or replacing, subject to the gravity of the problem. A replacement of any of the components will likely add to your costs:

      • Pump
      • Diverter Valve
      • Fan
      • Flue
      • Heat Exchanger
      • Motorised Valve
      • Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

      Heating engineers will give you their own price, so it is better to get quotes and compare.

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      When Would You Need Emergency Call Out Boiler Repair Services?

      An emergency call-out is warranted when the health and safety of your household are in question. Instantly call for emergency services if you detect any of the following:

      No Heating or Hot Water

      Several factors might be contributing to this problem:

      • Airlocks: Trapped air in the system that keeps hot water from circulating.
      • Broken Diaphragm: Diaphragms facilitate moving hot water to either central heating or domestic hot water outlets. A broken diaphragm will fail to deliver the hot water in a combi boiler.
      • Motorised Valve Malfunction: The valve facilitates the level of hot water in the system and, therefore, will fail to start when broken.
      • Low Boiler Pressure: The strength of water flowing through the boiler determines its pressure, and too low pressure will cause the boiler to fail to work.
      • Thermostat Issues: A thermostat controls the heating within the system; if that fails, the boiler will not know when to fire up.

      A problem with any of these components will quite likely require a replacement.

      Dripping and Leaking

      Leakage can result from a damaged seal or pressure valve, corroded pipes, or even improper installation. Even the slightest leaks or drips must not be overlooked as they will only worsen. If you have detected a leak in any component, turn off the water supply before reaching out for emergency gas boiler repair.

      The Boiler Keeps Switching Off

      A boiler that keeps switching off is likely facing an issue with the water pressure. The pressure that suddenly drops is a strong sign of a broken part, such as a closed valve or pump.

      However, if your boiler stops operating in freezing weather, the reason might be a frozen condensate pipe; a condensate pipe is responsible for getting the wastewater produced during the heating process out of the boiler and your home and then down the drain. Yet, during the winter, external condensate pipes are prone to freezing, creating a blockage that stops the boiler from working.

      Gas Leakage

      Of the utmost importance is the critical issue of gas leakage. Immediately contact a certified engineer if you detect a gas smell from your boiler. Gas leakage is a threat to life. Follow the steps in such a case:

      • Call boiler emergency services.
      • Put out any exposed flames and do not smoke or light any matches.
      • Turn off all the gas appliances and do not use them until you get them checked by an engineer.
      • Switch off the electrical appliances, and do not turn any switches on or off
      • Open the doors and windows
      • Keep other people away from the region